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We have several different grass types in the Lowcountry for residential and commercial use.

Here are the southern grasses we use in the Lowcountry:

  • Saint Augustine Palmetto
  • Zoysia Zeon
  • Zoysia Empire
  • Centipede

Saint Augustine

This grass is a very high maintenance grass it can tolerate shade, so if you have shade this is the grass to use but still remember all grass likes sunshine at least 6 hours of sunshine, this grass likes a PH above 6.5 and no higher than 7.0. This grass also will have all the same disease as the other grasses, but it will also have a disease that comes on with heat which is Grey leaf spot. In the way of insects it get effected by the same insects that other grasses get infected with but it also gets effected by another insect that other grass do not, which is cinch bugs and this usually comes on at the same time gray leaf spot.

Zoysia Zeon

This type of zoysia has a lot finer blade then it relative empire it almost looks like a northern fescue grass. It is the next in line when it comes to shade, the most common disease Zeon gets is brown patch which occurs in the spring and fall, the insects that could effect this grass is mole crickets, grubs, army worms, sod worms and fire ants. Zeon likes a PH around 6.5 to 7.0.

Zoysia Empire

This type of zoysia has a wider blade and is the next in line for shade it still likes 8 hours of sun and is effected by the same disease and insects that Zeon has, the PH is the same as Zeon.


This grass likes direct sunlight and can not tolerate any shade, in the way of diseases, brown patch is the number 1 killer, in the way of insects, mole crickets, grubs, spiddle bugs, army worms and sod web worms that effect centipede, the PH should be around 5.5 to 6.3.

We are the yard and turf experts that can perfectly match grass types to your unique lawn.  It is the combination of grass type, soil type, treatments and irrigation that assures your yard will be beautiful year after year.