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Here at GPI Design Inc. we have been working on our Horticultural Plan for 30 years. We have designed a plan that applies preventative applications that correspond with that time of year, if it is insect related, disease related or the right time of the year to put out fertilizers.

Fertilizers for grass.
Timing is very important, if you put out grass fertilizer too early or put out a fertilizer with a higher nitrogen too late in the year there is a very good chance of getting brown patch (disease). In addition, if you put fertilizer out too early the grass will not be able to absorb it, causing it to wash out and be non-available to the plant and run off which will hurt the ecosystem.

Insecticide for grass.
Again, timing is important. If you apply the right insecticide at the right time of the year you will have better results. There are many types of insects that can damage your grass at different times of the year. There are different insecticides that work on different insects. This is when a licensed contractor that knows his business will know what chemical to use at the right time of the year. Again, the wrong type of insecticides put out at the wrong time of the year and the wrong amount can damage your grass and pollute the ecosystem.

Disease control on grass:
Again, timing is important. One, you have to know what disease you are looking at. Is it a disease or an area that just does not have proper irrigation? Many companies do not know the difference from grass that has improper irrigation and they think it is a disease that is causing the grass to suffer. Diseases in grass come at certain times of the year such as brown patch disease which comes during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cooler. Again, you have to know what you’re looking at.

Plant and ornamental tree fertilizer and systematic insecticides:
A proper fertilizer twice a year is very important to plants. Quality fertilizer keeps plants healthy and vibrant. Adding systematic insecticide into the mix wards off pesky insects and disease from plants. Again, timing is important. If you put fertilizer out during the wrong time of the year there is a greater chance of adverse effects on the plants. You must use the appropriate product and apply it at the right time of the year to avoid runoff which can harm the ecosystem.