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The irrigation system is one of the most important aspects of your landscape design.

When we design a system to irrigate grass we try to separate areas in shade from those in full sun because they require different amounts of water. If an area is in both shade and sun the area in the shade will be wet and will rot the root system out and the area in the sun will be dry which then causes unhealthy turf.

We then look at the size and shape of the area to determine which type of sprinkler is best suited for that area. If the area is small or irregular, pop up heads (small stationary heads) are the best choice. Rotors (heads that rotate), are used in large open areas. A single zone should never have pop up heads and rotors, always one or the other as the precipitation rates are very different.

All grass areas should be designed with head to head coverage and matched precipitation rates that allow you to apply the same amount of water throughout the zone. If you do not have head to head coverage and matched precipitation rates you will have grass problems.

For plants, drip irrigation is the best method to use. The drip system when installed correctly will supply the right amount of water to each plant. The drip system is best in water conservation. Drip systems still use PVC pipe to carry a larger volume of water to the drip lines, which are smaller in diameter. The drip tubing is run to each plant and then small emitters are installed regulating the amount of water applied. Drip systems must have a filter that comes right off the valve so no sediment or debris in the water will clog the small orifice of the emitters. Drip can also be used with micro spray heads on flowers.

At GPI Design Inc., we always design our systems with proper irrigation etiquette because we know if this is not done correctly you will have problems in the future.

Our motto is: We do it right the first time