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Plants in the low country set the mood for your property whether you want to create a tropical setting for your home or ensure privacy from neighbors by planting privacy hedges. It is important to select the right plant for your home. Some plants need shade while others need full sun. You must also keep in mind that certain plants will attract different animals who may be interested in feeding on your plant. The amount of water plants receive must also be closely monitored.

The placement of plants is critical in their survival. Placing plants next to foundation will cause mildew on the siding of the house, also causing the back side of the plant to lose its leaves.

At GPI Design Inc. we know which plants will thrive as beautiful plants for years to come. The only way to really know plants is to work with them on a daily basis. You must know how much water intake they need (transdermal evaporation), what type of fertilizer to use, as well as how much of it to use.

This knowledge takes years of experience. We always buy from the best growers in the south east to get the best quality plants. All of our plants have a one year guarantee to ensure our commitment to the quality of these plants for your home.